Too tired to argue.


My head is full of angry rants, but I am just too tired to say them out loud.

Instead, I just sit in silence, staring into space. All I can hear of their conversations is….blah, blah, blah.

Inside, the stress is still bubbling up, the fire is still burning…..when will I explode?

Unpredictable xx


One thought on “Too tired to argue.

  1. Exactly how I am often feeling. I could make an epic rant, but instead I am usually quiet like if I had no opinion, no objections, no aversions. Someone has once said I am one of the calmest people on Earth. This was so untrue – I am frozen, I give up before an emotion can unravel, I turn off, I sabotage it from within. Truth is, there is a furious fire there, I am just a volcano put into deep sleep. I am burning within although crystal cold outside. Passion hold in suspension.

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