Behind the smile.

Sometimes, we can have a calm, family film night. All snuggled up on the sofa, with drinks and treats. But then….

… I would have a ‘wave of fear’ come over me, anxiously breathing faster as I feel a pain emerge in my chest. I start to feel terrified like something awful is about to happen. My heart starts beating faster, my head becomes dizzy, noises become muffled and I feel sick in my stomach.

While this is all happening, my outer self/ body has been sat with the children with a smile on it’s face. Like everything is just fine. X

‘Masking the pain’


2 thoughts on “Behind the smile.

  1. It takes an awful lot of energy to pretend nothing is wrong. Since you can’t free your emotions in front of your family, blogging is a great way to let loose. And if you like to do any kind of art, that may help too. Take all the nasty stuff in your brain and create visuals of what it looks like.

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