In demand…. (tiring)

A day of anxiety and stress at work, everyone talking at me, calling me.

Finally, arriving home, I walk through the door, tired and ready to collapse.

Before I have even closed the front door…… “mum!”

Child ‘D’ – “I hate school, the kids are nasty. My bag’s broke, my phone still doesn’t work and I can’t get Internet. ”

Child ‘N’ – ” My throat really hurts, especially when I swallow. Plus my back is painful and my head is aching. Can my mate come round?”

Child ‘J’ – “Not had a good day, I’ve lost my job.”

Child ‘C’ – Still asleep.

All of them…”What’s for dinner?”

I haven’t even fully entered the house, I put down my bag and pre-heat the oven. My work continues. Maybe I’ll have chance to rest later?


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