Noise can be painful.

With the stresses of life mixed with my depression, my head is filled with constant noise.

Random thoughts, zoom around in my head.

Unspoken rants, bang on the inside of my skull.

Constant questions, rattle around my mind.

People calling me, start the sirens whirling.

The headaches start buzzing, from one side to another.

Background noise, booms with full bass.

Zoom, bang, rattle, sirens whirling, buzzing, boom!

Stop the noise, I just can’t think!


4 thoughts on “Noise can be painful.

  1. I certainly can relate to what you are saying. This kind of sucks. I also get real hyper-vigilant. PTSD shit. When I am stressed out with dealing with my demons, I have the same problems. It passes. There are some good books on mindfulness that helped. I think the one author, Kabat, is excellent.

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