The appointment.

“Hello!” Smiled the Doctor, “Please take a seat.’

This is always the greeting, each time we meet.

“So how are you feeling? How have you been?”

My mind races round, thinking where to begin.

Before I reply or utter a word,

She’s looked in my eyes, their voice has been heard.

I take a deep breath to hold back the tears,

But my shaking hands, reveal my fears.

I start to talk, quite slowly at first,

explaining how my life is a curse.

My lip starts to wobble, I continue to speak,

but I feel too exhausted, my body is weak.

I must stop talking, I don’t have a choice,

my anxiety’s showing,  by the quake in my voice.

She watches me, with a heartfelt look,

then checks her screen, for ‘meds’ I’ve took.

“Let’s try upping your dose, and prescribe you another.”

We both agree and nod to each other.

“I want to see you, in a couple of weeks.”

With more zombie med’s, I’m becoming a freak !


2 thoughts on “The appointment.

  1. I identify with this so much. I hate talking to the doctor about my medications. I never feel like I have the right answers to the questions, and I don’t know anything about the drugs so it feels like there is no way for me to make an informed decision.
    I really like your writing. I hope things get better for you 🙂

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