Unsent message.

Friends and family, I have a confession,

I suffer from deep down, manic depression.

I’ve seen sad events, that I just can’t let go,

they dwell in my head, they worry me so.

There’s things I can’t tell you, they’ll just make you sad,

Keeping these secrets, makes me feel bad.

Please forgive me, for not sharing with you,

the details of painful, things I’ve been through.

issues I’ve had to deal with alone,

means my depression’s, become full blown.

I just want to say, I love you so much,

I’ll always be with you, just not to touch.


4 thoughts on “Unsent message.

  1. Your words are beautiful. Little comfort to you I know but try and remember you are not alone. There are thousands of people just like you, dealing with their own darkness. I was one of them and still am but to a lesser degree now. After many years of struggling I found my way out and you will too. keep writing its a wonderful outlet for you.

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  2. Another amazing entry. I wish I could be as open with people as you are here. I hide my life in snark, cynicism and humor most days. It seems easier than hurting or being hurt. If that makes any sense, keep writing…~!!

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