A healing hug !

Every night I try to sleep,

But my mind’s alarm goes beep, beep, beep!

I block out noise, turn off the lights,

But my eyes still see the gloomy sights.

The clock’s now showing 1am,

I snuggle up and try again .

2am! You crept up fast?,

my noisy head is now full blast !

No sleep again, the clock shows 3,

My healing hug, a cup of tea.



10 thoughts on “A healing hug !

  1. Love this. On another note… I always want to tell you how much I like the picture of the teddy bear with its head against the wall, I love to see it when I click on your blog. It looks sad, but for some reason makes me smile. Maybe because my daughter has a bear just like that (she’s had anxiety and panic attacks). She’s in her twenties now, but that bear is still special to her. So, thanks for the smile 🙂

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