Maybe tomorrow…?

Here I lay, just plain ol’ me,

I’m neither sad, nor happy.

I just feel numb, tired and weak,

No idea what I hope to seek.

Staying indoors, avoiding my life,

no wonder I’ll never become a wife!

I seem to fail at all I do,

my reflection says “Just look at you!”

“You show no effort, or even try,

your letting life pass you by!”

The words are true, I’ve given up hope,

I dwell in my room, cry and mope.

Maybe tomorrow, things will be better?

If not, I will leave you a goodbye letter. 



24 thoughts on “Maybe tomorrow…?

    1. I try to be completely honest and write from my heart. The feelings are real. Fortunately, writing them down, helps lessen them slightly.
      Also, caring people (like yourself) help me focus and let me know that there are people out there, that care

      Thank you so very much xxx

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  1. I agree with Bioman. Do you take medications for this? Do you go to therapy. Are you alone or do you have support? I’ve been where you are if indications of your poems are true. I tried to hurt myself and leave this world. I ended up in the hospital. Take care of yourself.

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    1. It really is so kind of you both to care so much. I am taking some medicine to help with my depression. I think my doctor is just trying to find the right dosage for me.
      I’m working on finding happiness.
      At the moment my thoughts and feelings are still very low, but writing them in a blog helps to off-load / lighten the feelings. Thank you xx


  2. I always tell myself this….. Life is a constant ebb and flow, a constant evolution. Birth leading to death, plants bloom from seed, flower and die. Life changes with or without our permission. And try as we might, we can never stop change. So try to endure (because that’s what this feels like) the emotional pain until the tide of life turns. Eventually, your pain will change, hopefully to joy, peace, life. I know your pain. You’re doing the very best thing for yourself by writing and taking meds

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