Out of my mind !

Look at her, sat in the chair,

Light blue eyes and curly hair.

She thinks she’s hidden, out of sight,

in the shadows, avoiding light.

Feeling invisible, she watches the crowd,

but can only survive, in her own little world.

All that she feels, is the aching inside,

all that she knows, is she has to hide.

Her face looks troubled, sad and shy,

Her eyes are glassy, like she’s about to cry.

She continues to sit, as still as can be,

It’s my outer body, staring at me !


4 thoughts on “Out of my mind !

  1. …and out of body too. Good twist there. If you’re feeling disconnected and invisible, please know, you aren’t alone. Any one of us ‘invisible friends’ in this blogosphere will sit beside you. Keep writing, your poetry is beautiful

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