Thoughtless …

Staring at an empty screen,

am I awake or in a dream?

I hear no noise, just tunnel vision,

many thoughts but no decision.

I really feel I need to blog,

But, I think somehow my mind is clogged.

Want to talk, but have no words,

I really must sound absurd.

Still waffling on without a topic,

a dying brain, that’s lost its logic.

Empty of thoughts, a vacant space,

no emotions, pale blank face.

Hollow mind that cannot function,

nowhere to go, stuck at the junction.

Imagination’s disappeared,

it’s left me feeling rather weird.

I’m just a shell that has no soul,

My hectic life has took its toll.


18 thoughts on “Thoughtless …

  1. Writer’s block. And your hectic life should be your antidote for thst writer’s block. New experiences, new thoughts, new blog posts. πŸ™‚

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      1. The best writings deviate from love and war. You must have so much content in your head to write down that they’re all stuck trying to get down on paper at the same time. Writer’s block can be no ideas or too many to keep track of.

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      2. Thanks. Maybe write a list of broad topics and narrow them down little by little. Add a bit each day until you come up with new posts to write. That’s what i do when i realize i haven’t blogged three days straight or something. Lol πŸ™‚

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  2. If you look at my gravatar….I am the ultimate frogman, frogman deluxe – with your kisses, you turn me into a Prince, Babe. Take care now. Bioman. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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