For you !

Thank you, “Yes You !” For reading this,

Without you, I might not exist.

I was very low, and could not cope,

then a heartfelt comment, gave me hope.

When things go wrong and life’s too tough,

when I’ve have really, had enough.

an unknown friend, a stranger online,

reassures me that, I’ll be just fine.

They feel the same, they understand,

they reach out to offer a helping hand.

I feel relieved, I’m not alone,

a listening ear, that let’s me moan.

In return, I’ll help you too,

I’m still here, because of you !


12 thoughts on “For you !

  1. I will be your ever-shining grateful star. You don’t see me, but I am there all the time, connecting with you and levelling you up. I will not forget what you are doing here, you put out and express all that I freeze in myself. Your writings are so close to me, your words are beautiful. I feel more hopeful because of people like you. You have helped me allready. NO, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! TAKE IT FROM ME – I AM A PROOF OF THAT. Don’t go away for I don’t want to walk alone…and you shouldn’t either.

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  2. Oh I’m so pleased you don’t feel alone! And you have hope. Hope is what fuels my life, from one day to the next. If today is bad, it’ll all be okay, because I have hope that tomorrow will be better. I’ve been reading posts off my phone lately and haven’t be able to comment – but now I can. You are so, so talented with your poetry. It’s clean and uncluttered but still speaks volumes. Beautiful!

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