Holding my breath.

I’m feeling on edge, nervous and scared,

My ears are muffled, my vision’s impaired.

I’m scrunched in a ball, curled up tight,

trying to avoid, the attack of fright.

It’s grabbing hold, it’s seeping in,

this is when my tears begin.

It’s really hard to hold your breath,

When your body’s shaking, scared to death.

Although I’m hiding, I think I want to be found,

Scooped up and hugged, but there’s no-one around.


2 thoughts on “Holding my breath.

  1. Sending a big hug your way! Btw, I received the pump, netting, and skimmer today for the pool, this is my warning to get outside before the bees and start cleaning. It happening, another day and one more step.

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