An Emotional Fake.

What a lovely smile, a happy face,

a false look, such a disgrace.

Aww..sweet kittens, so small and cute,

is what I say, to follow suit.

Ooohh….fireworks,  sparkling high,

I’ve only come, to burn the Guy.

Cooey coo….A baby boy,

another Rugrat,  who will annoy!

Mmm..delicious, chocolate pie,

not that great, it’s really dry.

Oh, well done, great results,

actually, there were some faults.

Congratulations, you passed your test,

I clap along, just like the rest.

Wow, exciting, a brand new home,

a more expensive, bricked up dome.

Hey! Well done, you got the job!

so now stop being, such a slob.

For every positive step you take,

I create, another face, that’s fake.

Depression, sees the negative in everything



4 thoughts on “An Emotional Fake.

  1. Very true my friend , sometimes it makes you wonder as well , when depression takes over without even the mask slipping , it almost becomes natural in a way for us to do that , take care be strong

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