Virtual fun in my head.


Sometimes I’m silly and like a joke,

So I put on my, invisibility cloak.

Then I can say and do as I please,

I can only be found, if I sneeze.

My cloak is awesome, I wear it to bed,

It never judges, the thoughts in my head.

Sometimes in the wind, my legs are revealed,

It scares me to death, I’m gonna’ be killed.

When it’s in the wash and being cleaned,

I often play, in my ‘Time machine’.

It can take me back, to my happy days,

to my smiling face and quirky ways.

Then into the future, that’s my next stop,

But it’s too much for me, I implode and pop.

Back to reality, in my dark room,

Teleporter starts up, then off I zoom.

One more journey of fantasy,

Before crash landing down, back inside me.


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