Interview update.


Just a short post because I’m still in shock !

The interview, seemed to go by in a bit of a blur, I think I just froze my emotions, but I do remember answering every question! Once it was all over I drove home and started having a delayed panic attack, I had stomach ache , headache, slightly dizzy and was breath heavy. So just sat and relaxed for a while.

This evening I had a phone call from the company, they offered me the job!

I am so pleased (excited, nervous , scared, happy, worried etc…)

“New start ahead !” (Hopefully for all of us)

Xx xx 👍


36 thoughts on “Interview update.

    1. Thank you. I still can’t believe I got through the interview.

      About 2 hours before the interview, I was so, so close to phoning, to apologise that I wouldn’t be able to make the interview.

      I was grateful for the water on the table, as my mouth was completely dried out.

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      1. Fantastic achievement
        You deserve this, to show you you can achieve whatever you put your mind to!
        What’s the job description ?:)

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      1. Thank you so much, I cannot believe I have been nominated for an award, thank you!!!!! I have made a post about it, hoping I have done the post ok, my first time for anything like this haha! Thank you once again, I love reading your blog so much xx

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  1. I knew you could do it. I usually have the after panic, but the great thing is that you did it! Congratulations. You will have more stress and anxiety. A new job causes that, but just remember to breathe and listen to what you are told and eventually you will relax and wonder what all the fuss was. You go girl! I am so proud of you. ❤

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