Challenge accepted ! ☺


Firstly, thank you to everywordyousay for setting me this challenge.

Here are the rules:

List 10 things you love.

  1. My children, 4 well mannered, caring lads.
  2. My parents, who love me no matter what.
  3. My older sister, who gives me a kick up the bum, when I need one. Lol
  4. Mc brain’s Faggots, used to eat them with my grandad all the time.
  5. Marvel & DC Superheroes, brave and strong.
  6. Garden peas, can eat bowls and bowls of them.
  7. The word ‘shenanigans’ makes me giggle.
  8. Horror movies, an excuse to curl up on the sofa with popcorn.
  9. Blogging/friendship, both have picked me up, from a dangerous, rock bottom.
  10. My rabbit “Lex Luthor”, so tame and affectionate. (Not evil at all, lol)

List 10 things you hate.

  1. Crowds, I feel like I’m suffocating and can’t breathe.
  2. My birthday, the attention of people looking at me, makes me panic.
  3. Noise, when there is too much noise going on all at once, the pressure builds up.
  4. Arguments, seeing people get tense and angry makes me feel scared and unsafe.
  5. Coleslaw, no idea why, but I cringe if I touch it.
  6. Things out of place, I have to keep my things in an exact order.
  7. Over opinionated people, who won’t back down and shout in your face.
  8. That some people don’t have homes and have to live on the street
  9. That some people don’t have family and have to cope alone.
  10. That I can’t solve every problem.

I now nominate:

  1. Smilebe4tears
  2. Tessa
  3. thepersistentplatypus
  4. jennymarie4

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