Yikes !

Tomorrow, will be my last day at my current job.  Not surprisingly, I have both good and bad memories from the past 10 years there.

My resignation letter, I handed discretely to the Headteacher and asked him to keep it to “those who needed to know’ rather than common knowledge.

Unfortunately, people love to gossip, now pretty much everyone knows. I’m now worried, because previous staff that have left, have been called to the front of the assembly hall and given flowers or a card.

There is no way, I will be able to stand up there without sweating, over-breathing and feeling sick/dizzy.

My plan is to sneak off just after lunch, before the assembly begins.


3 thoughts on “Yikes !

  1. i understand your anxiety, but its too bad you can’t enjoy a moment in the sun, being congratulated by those you’ve been with for so long. good luck on the next stage of your life!

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