Eternally falling.


I stumbled and tripped, I didn’t see the edge,

now I am falling, fast from the ledge.

The only direction, is downwards from here,

my head’s under pressure, filled up with fear.

Falling and falling, lower I go,

I can’t see the floor, there is no below.

The air rushes past, I continue to descend,

I knew from the beginning, there was no end.

Falling and falling, declining still,

I’m travelling too fast, to know how I feel.

I gravitate towards, the strong force of death,

air pressure changing, the rate of my breath.

Falling and falling, nose diving down,

Still no emotions, not even a frown.

My speed is increasing, resistance has failed,

without any friction, my mind has derailed.

I finally realise, this is not going to stop,

The whole of my life, is one massive drop.


9 thoughts on “Eternally falling.

      1. yes, desperate and hopeless. we feel we are completely out of control of everything. having at least some control over some parts of our life really help.

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  1. Welcome to the rabbit hole we call life, beautifully explained. But dearest friends remember Alice’s fall had chairs and such scattered about, when the decent gets to quick grab as Alice did for the chance for a few moments of rest along the way. (life is like a TV, if you don’t like what you see, change the channel! )

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  2. You’ve been awarded the ‘Very Inspiring Blogger’ award! Congratulations! Check out my post ‘Awards for Everyone’ for more information. 😊

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