Becoming Unplugged.

For one week I will live, technology free,

and try to discover, the inner me.

No Facebook,  No WhatsApp and No mobile phone,

Just me and myself, curled up in my home.

X box 1 and Playstation 4,

my gaming addiction, I will ignore.

I’ll sit in peace, read a book or three,

Internet down and no Cable TV.

PC and Ipad, will be put away,

so I can hear, the words that I say.

I need to relearn, how to make conversation,

be able to speak, without hesitation.

Internet shopping, from my armchair at home,

meant I could buy things, completely alone.

With Internet off, I must brave the stores,

face the harsh crowd, behind the doors.

I can picture it now, the busy, loud aisles,

Shop workers talking, through glued on smiles.

I wish I could go, straight in and straight out,

but they change all the shelves, and move things about.

When anxiety starts, so does the sweat,

security guards, then think I’m a threat.

They’ll follow me round, like I’m about to steal,

which only worsens, the way that I feel.

My only option, abandon trolley and run,

I need technology, real life’s no fun.


8 thoughts on “Becoming Unplugged.

  1. Beautiful words, I haven’t been doing much online for the last few days – I’ve read two books. I had to get ‘lost’ in something else, everything was a distraction but reading helped very much. Enjoy your freedom xxx

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  2. This is so so well written. I tried unplugging once and was successful for two while months but then I had to reconnect. It was fun while it lasted.. You described it really well though

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