A ‘pain’ to sleep.

Here it comes again, the pain in my chest,

I’m trying to sleep, my body’s at rest.

I haven’t just ran or eaten fast food,

I haven’t got stressed or in a bad mood.

So why is my body giving me pain?

my heart is struggling under the strain.

It hurts to move or breathe in deep,

I really need to get some sleep.

But my eyes won’t close, I’m wide awake,

now my whole body’s starting to ache.

The pain is sharp, stabbing and strong,

I hope it doesn’t, last too long.

I’m starting to worry. Is it my heart?

This is when, panic attack starts.

Now I can’t tell, which pain is which,

lower right hip, has the start of a stitch.

Headache’s appeared, to make matters worse,

I’m trying to avoid, calling the nurse.

How many hours, will I have to endure?

before my body, makes its own cure.

2 hours later, the pain starts to ease,

all that is left, is the sound of a wheeze.

At last, I can rest my tired head,

and fall asleep, in my bed.


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