Good girl failing.

A nerd at school, good grades achieved,

parents proud, in me they believed.

I studied hard everyday,

never rebelled, or went astray.

Polite manners, always shown,

didn’t party, just stayed home.

Ate all my veg and cleared my plate,

Cleaned my teeth, never stayed up late.

Helped others, when I could,

always behaved, how I should.

As I grew up, and life got stressed,

I still tried to do my best.

Responsibilities increased, I began to panic,

my face stayed calm, but my mind was manic.

Became a mother of my own,

I tried to keep the perfect home.

Gave them my time, love and fun,

as well as being a working mum.

But life is cruel and gave me trouble,

it didn’t stop, it continued to double.

A knock-out blow, one after the other,

I hid the fear, like a good mother.

Medical problems were then found,

my whole world, crashed to the ground.

Who will protect my kids, if I’m not here?

If illness makes me disappear!

Fighting life on your own,

can grind you down, to the bone.

No matter how much pain you’re in,

you have to try, don’t give in !


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