Who ?

Frequently, I fantasise about disappearing.

Starting a new life, in a new country, even a whole new identity !

Hopefully, my personality would be completely different too. No fake emotions. Keep myself to myself, head down, unnoticed. The stranger that no one knows.

Nobody to interfere with my business / personal life. Nobody judging me. Nobody trying to mend me or diagnose me. I could just potter around in my own little bubble.

Heaven xx


11 thoughts on “Who ?

  1. I often think like that too… even wishing I’ll just disappear and die but it won’t solve problems. I’ve been living the most painful experience in my whole life and I’m still nursing my wounds I cried bitter tears at night and the pain just won’t go. You have a wonderful sister I have none beside me no family within a close circle radius of my existence. You are still luckier than me you have family with you I have none.

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      1. thank you so much….I really need a friend the reason I blog among many things I want to do. Thanks for the pat on my shoulders , you know its very hard when you are misunderstood by everyone around you but I’m glad I’ve found a friend in you.

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      2. thank you, so much . I’ve been hiding from myself lately. I tried not to talk to anyone because of a shattering shameful events that took place an abusive family did it. I lost face but I can’t give up writing ….there’s too much restrictions in my that I can’t breath but I have to live for my kids. Having friends like you who truly understand makes the loads that I carry on my back seems lighter. Like you, I dream to get away from it all and be myself going to a place that no one really know me. I think got to do it sooner.


  2. You can’t let your family or whom ever caused your pain to have that much control over who you are….its your life they should have no say or no influence on you….up there’s if they don’t like who you are…I am sorry for your pain, but you have to hand it back to them and take back who you are….no need to hide form anyone…you have to stay strong for your kids….you are there hero…you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to, or keep anyone in your life that doesn’t make you a better person…even adult children if they are being assholes….I believe in you,,,,head held high, be proud of who you are…you are not alone….

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