A sincere apology.

I need to make a sincere apology, to the first friend I met on here.

She is an amazing lady, who continues to fight and battle with the harshness of life, even though she is in excruciating pain everyday.  Facing every hurdle alone, with no support from family. Amazingly, she also manages to care and look after someone else. This lady has been there for me too, offering me support and reassurance.

Saved me with her kind words, when I was at my lowest.

Shamefully, I have not returned the same level of support that she has shown me. NOT intentionally, I just got selfishly caught up in my own little world. 

I apologise with all my heart, I would love to keep our friendship going, if that is still an option ? SB4T, I will always be here for you. xxx


7 thoughts on “A sincere apology.

  1. My dear you need not worry. You need to take care of yourself and that is very ok with me. Sometimes it works that way. I have had so many people help me along the way. I probably wouldn’t be here if there had not been. You will pass it on “when you can”. Make yourself strong first.xxoo

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    1. Thank you Louise xx
      But I do honestly owe ‘SB4T’ my apologies. I made a promise to always be here to listen, and unintentionally I didn’t keep my promise 100%.
      I really want to be a true, loyal person who keeps to her word. But I let the wrong things distract me.


      1. Yes I understand that very well and respect you for it but you cannot help and be there for someone if you haven’t taken care of yourself. I think people who love you will understand you need your time. having said that it’s fabulous that you are that responsible and loyal. Best wishes.

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  2. Lovely kind words spoken by a true friend, I know how it gets sometimes, we can forget about others when we lose ourselves a little. That’s definitely not to mean that we don’t care about that person in the same way. I’m sure she will understand 😊 xxx J

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  3. It brigs myriads of tears falling from my eyes….thank you for the friendship. I love you my friend more hugs and kisses for you. May God’s light and love will carry us through each painful day though at times living is painful sharing your joys and smiles makes my day complete


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