I laugh at myself.

2015-06-18 08.40.59

When I do something wrong and get frustrated,

I do a chicken dance until I feel elated.

When I trip and fall over, looking a fool,

I strike a pose, so I still look cool !

If I forget to get dressed, out in pyjamas,

I go along with it, and act bananas.

If I smudge my Mascara,  causing ‘Panda eyes’,

I just put on a hat, and go out in diguise.

If my hair is a mess, and I have no hairspray,

I pretend I’m having, a Chewbacca day!


2 thoughts on “I laugh at myself.

  1. Ha! I don’t know if this was just a silly poem or if you really do this stuff but these are actually really good ideas! I love the chicken dance part, I think I might actually try that next time I screw something up just to make myself laugh!

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