Alcohol & Meds ?

Was just wondering, about people’s thoughts on drinking alcohol whilst on meds.

I have had lower dosage medicine in the past, that recommends not to drink with them. But, because it was only a recommendation, not an absolute ‘no’, on occasions I would enjoy a few drinks. This resulted in the usual, drunkeness followed by hangover.

However, I did notice that my mood would plummet considerably for the next two weeks. I would retreat inwards and almost everything could start me crying, often with thoughts of ending everything.

I am now on higher dosages of different medicines and have stayed teetotal for ages.  It would be nice to join in with a social family drink sometimes, but I’m really worried about the repercussions.

I would appreciate your views. Xx


17 thoughts on “Alcohol & Meds ?

  1. I am on some meds that I am not supposed to drink alcohol with. I do anyway on occasion (every 3-4 months), but I don’t drink much and I am sure to have lots of water with it. And I would never recommend it to others because my meds and my doctors both say not to drink while on these meds and others might not handle it as well as I do.

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  2. I find that it makes all the meds stronger. I haven’t had any real problems with it and my Psych meds. I had 3 or 4 mixed drinks at a wedding with no problem at all. But that is me. You are different. All you can do is try it for yourself and I would do that at home if possible so you don’t have to drive or anything.

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  3. I relapsed a few months ago (30 y.o. female, alcoholic,) I have pursued sobriety through medication. Alcoholism is my secondary diagnosis and at the time of relapse, I had been a teetotaler for over a year. I drank one night and blacked out after about 8 beers. If you do drink, be very, very careful.

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  4. I used to drink regularly – not in an alcoholic way, just a normal amount I guess. It really messed with my anti-psychs and made me feel like crap afterwards.
    I’ve been tee total for 5 months now and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. I have less extremely low episodes and longer periods between extremes.
    The hardest thing is hiding my lack of drinking from family and friends 😦

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