Stored in my head.

No-One knows, what’s in my head,

except the thoughts, that I’ve once said.

There are sad, cruel, memories trapped inside,

to my doctor, I still have lots to confide.

But if I say too much, blurt it all out in a day,

will they think I’m mad, and put me away?

I keep things back, too scared to share,

I’m not ready to put my life ‘out there’.

Events I’ve had to deal with alone,

pushed me out my comfort zone.

I won’t ask for help, I’ve tried in the past,

people let you down, and run away fast.

Bad memories will stay, hidden in me,

caged in my head, under lock and key.

The hurtful comments, that some people say,

stay with me, they don’t go away.

Instead I recall them, they still hurt the same,

I think them over and over, time and again.

The damaging words, and disappointed stares,

remind me that, no-one really cares.

So I just keep quiet, let life plod along,

accepting that things, will always go wrong.


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