Not my home.

I’m in a rage, I’m in a mood,

I need my bed and comfort food.

I’ve had enough, pushed to my limit,

I’m gonna’ snap, any minute.

Everyday, my house’s abused,

a meeting point and over used.

Ring of the bell, knock at the door,

I cannot take it anymore.

I just can’t get some privacy,

time alone, for just me.

In my room, I try to hide,

someone calls me from out side.

In the bathroom, door locked shut,

“Mum, where are you?” I hear them tut.

In-laws, kids-friends, roam around free,

It seems the world, has my door key.

I turn around and someone’s there,

the cheek of it, how they dare.

I have no place of my own,

in this house, that was a home.

The only time, there’s not a peep,

is in the night, when they’re asleep.

I’m now nocturnal, to get some peace,

but this lack of sleep, will have to cease.


10 thoughts on “Not my home.

    1. I know there are some people, who live alone and long for company.
      (So I may seem ungrateful, to them)

      But it also extremely overwhelming to constantly have a crowded house with nowhere to hide.

      The people in my house are:
      * 2 biological sons
      * 3 step sons
      * their friends (groups of 3-4)
      * their girlfriends
      * In-laws (who let themselves in with a key whenever they like.
      * 2 nieces (as a school worker, family children get dropped to mine in the holidays)
      * a needy neighbour who turns up to borrow something or drop her 3 kids off.

      I am rubbish at saying ‘no’ it makes me feel awkward.
      It’s not as if I could say I was busy going somewhere, as most of them no I’m in all the time and won’t go out.
      I just feel I have no privacy. Even if I sit in my back garden, they just start banging and calling at the back gate.

      (I might make this reply into my next blog, to see how many others have this trouble)

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    1. Honestly, it’s getting crazy here.

      The older boys, quite often ask if their mates can stay a few days (because of arguments at home), which normally turn out to be weeks or sometimes months !
      Boys aged between 18 and 20 can be hectic, and loud on their PS4 or Xbox1.
      Or when they get back from the pub, needing carb based food to sober them up.


  1. Totally underhand 100 per cent and a full house us a noisey one, and busy and can’t stand that at all , slightly loud noises make me want to go upstairs lock door hide under the bed with me ear plugs, but bet I would still be found …. Take care be sting , deep breaths ,.. X

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