A pounding headache, shakes my skull,

I need some peace and a room that’s dull.

Headache pills, a cup of tea,

just don’t seem to be working for me.

Lights switched off, earplugs in,

still can’t stop the noise within.

Two days without my medication,

could be causing, this sensation.

Or maybe I’ve just got too stressed,

too paranoid and obsessed.

It’s hard to tell, if it’s the side effects,

or just my head’s abnormal defects.


8 thoughts on “Headbanger.

  1. Virtual hugs, I’ve had a headache for days as well and cannot shift it – this super balmy weather is not helping tonight at all, I just stood out in the rain, it felt great! X

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  2. I understand what you are going through, insurance companies refusing my medicine or over riding medicine the doctors prescribed and giving me what ever they were promoting, the things my body and mind went through, I would not wish on my worst enemy. That’s why I refuse anything they push on me now and am trying to get my life back. You are forever on my mind, feel better, I need you and your family needs you (hubby and kids)β™‘β™‘β™‘

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