I’m not playing.


I’ve given up, I’ve given in,

this game of life, I’ll never win.

Unfair rules, goals set too high,

knock out blows, that make me cry.

I roll the dice, “2 spaces back”,

“Stop and have a panic attack”.

I roll again, “miss a go”,

“Depression’s here, you feel low”.

I’ve had enough of this game,

the outcome always, ends the same.

Advance to bed, “do not pass go”,

“Pay doctor’s fees”, you’ve stubbed your toe.

The final roll, “a double 3”,

this move will be, the last for me.

I’ve landed on, poisoned clover,

no more moves, it’s “game over!”


3 thoughts on “I’m not playing.

  1. Life is but a game where that who is the most diplomatic prevails and those heart – listeners come to view life as nothing more than a chore. However :
    Right before the end of your life
    You will be shown a film
    Which will be based on the events of your time on earth
    If you like what you see
    Then it is you who has won
    So in order to win the game that life indeed is:Never Give Up! Believe in a better tomorrow.


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