Where do I start ?


Recap of events :Β 

  • Chemist lost my repeat prescription, meaning I had no medication for 3 days. Also affecting my anxiety (&OCD) of leaving the house again and at a different time schedule.
  • Previously mentioned about everyone having a key to my house and no privacy.

Back to today :

I got myself prepared to leave the house, after phoning the chemist to check they definitely have my prescription this time.

When I arrived, they did have my prescription request form, however there was quite a long wait for the medicine to be processed. I was already out of the house and in the queue, so I would just have to wait.

In ‘real time’ it was probably only about 20 minutes, but it felt like an hour. As I waited in the shop (which was getting very crowded) my nerves/anxiety started. Dry mouth, short of breath, sweat starting on my face and tingling in my hands.

Finally, my name was called out, I quickly took the bag of meds and hastily rushed to my car. I stood at my front door (in the pouring rain) trying to open it fast.

SNAP! My key broke off in the lock……

I rang the doorbell, and one of my son’s let me in. (Normally they don’t hear the bell because they have gaming headsets on. )

I’m now stood crying in the kitchen looking at my key and meds.

All because they lost my paperwork they have made me feel completely down and stressed (and wet).

As for the door key. ….now everyone has my door key except ME !


14 thoughts on “Where do I start ?

  1. Just the icing on the cake, don’t you hate it when it feels as though everything is out to get you and one little thing finishes it off.

    I’m glad you got your meds, at least that’s one good thing πŸ™‚ XX J

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  2. I had some similar experiences, when driving to the University, my car caught ‘a malfunction’ and I had to walk few kilometres through the city to get home. Next two days, I had to go by bus four times. I was so unused to buses/crowds that I had three days of horror. I was scared and lost all my confidence at that time. However, as always, I passed this challenge as well. I went to hell and came back out of it. What could possibly stop me now? What could possibly stop YOU now?

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  3. For all that we lose we have gained something of equal value.

    Frankly speaking, when life gets messed up even for a day we can feel totally alone and pressurised. However it is in seeing the best of the opportunities in the worst of the circumstances that true experience is gained and every moment of life becomes well spent as opposed to our belief that pointless things affect us so mercilessly. True. But also that that in truing to preserve our past observations can we make our present bearable and work towards a brighter future.

    Accept problem thinking that God gave you them since he believed in your strength to overcome them.

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  4. So very proud of you!
    You made it through the weekend, waited for medicine without incident, made it home, survived the door eating your key and getting soaked. You did it and that was goals reached. BTW, the door ate your key because you’re the sweetest one of all! β™‘β™‘β™‘

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  5. Oh my. I’m glad that you made it through the weekend with no major incident. The key thing? That was the last thing you needed. But, at the risk of blowing sunshine up your butt…you dealt with it. It sucked, it was hard, it made you cry, but you got through it. Relax cause you deserve it!

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