I need to be a loser.

My depression is clinical, but it certainly doesn’t help that I am seriously down about my weight/size.

I’m using this page (rather than keep blogging on the feed page) to track my weight loss. I will try to update it weekly.

At the moment (25/08/15) I will not show my starting weight until I feel comfortable. But I will log weekly the amount lost (or gained). Will also post before and after photos, once good progress is made.

Week 1: 25/08/15  Starting weight [________]

Week 2:


10 thoughts on “I need to be a loser.

  1. Yes, a lot of my meds say…weight gain or increased appetite.
    (So frustrating )

    I don’t think I’ve managed to plan this page right?
    It was supposed to show on my ‘about me’ page, rather than clog up the news feed section with my fat progress.
    Lol x


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