Sending ‘best wishes’.

When a friend’s in pain, it hurts my heart,

especially when we’re so far apart.

I could help support, if I was near,

instead of just being, a listening ear.

I send ‘best wishes’, fingers crossed,

no-one should feel, alone and lost.

I want to help, but don’t know how,

I wish things were better, for you right now.

I will always be here, checking on you,

between the both of us, we’ll pull you through.

I send to you, virtual flowers,

I’ll chat again, next visiting hours.


(SmileBE4Tears)   xxx😊☺


10 thoughts on “Sending ‘best wishes’.

  1. Thank all of you for your support, quite shaken at this point, I’m on my way back in to the hospital now. I did sleep some but at the end of my adrenaline rush taking tomorrow more easy promise, using the time my ride can’t take me to make calls and find help through Medicare’s hospices services. but mom is improving so much she may no longer be qualified. Absolutely insane 24 hours! (Jayne, Souldiergirl, I love you both beyond my hearts containment! Jayne, thanks for this poem it’s refueled me enough to push through today till I can sleep. Your words are all that is keeping me going! )♡♥♡

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