Nightime crawler.

Sat here staring into space,

with no expression on my face.

My head is resting, on my left palm,

I’m writing this, with my other arm.

Pointless poem, I’m waffling on,

because all my other, thoughts have gone.

It’s now 5am, I’ve not yet slept,

my sleep allowance, is now in debt.

In boredom, I make a cup of tea,

then I make a discovery.

I thought I’d been alone all night,

till a Little fella’ caught my sight.

Normally, he would have met my shoe,

but I’m far too tired, to even say boo.

So today he lives, he’s not yet dead,

but he will be, if he gets in my bed.

Lucky spider, on the wall,

I should have squashed you, as a rule.



14 thoughts on “Nightime crawler.

  1. Oh my dear God. Nope. No way, I would have been like a cartoon character if I had seen that – jumped out of my body and left a skin behind. Argh! How is it so effing big!!!!!!!!!!


    Liked by 1 person

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