Medical notes.


My new medicine, instructs me to take 2 tablets on a full stomach !

Clearly the medical company, do not realise how much food it will take, to fill my gigantic stomach !

Challenge excepted. Ha x


9 thoughts on “Medical notes.

    1. (I tried to reply to a message you sent, asking if I was ok.)
      Thank you so much for your concern.
      Life has been a little chaotic here with work, health and family.
      Also today is my birthday, which normally means bad luck. So I always go a little quiet during September.
      But so far so good.
      How are you ?


      1. shhhhh happy birthday….I was worried about you, really glad your doing well and nothing wrong with hiding out…LOL I am doing pretty good, own 52#’s whoo hoo..hired a trainer and getting into the gym scene…something totally new to me…LOL come back next month…

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