Hectic home.

It’s been a while, since I’ve been here,

I’ve had a change in my career.

Through the stress, I’ve kept my cool,

my son is starting, a different school.

Kids that bully, are cruel and mean,

a huge difference, in my son I’ve seen.

Quiet and withdrawn, in his room,

his smile has gone, replaced with gloom.

The bullies made us move away,

my son’s new school, will start Monday.

I hope a fresh start, will do him good,

I’d banish bullies, if I could.

It breaks my heart, to see him sad,

he’s such a loving, giving lad.

My other son, has moved back home,

hogging bathroom, food and phone.

My full time job and a house of seven,

is certainly not my idea of heaven.

My calender is full, everyday,

I’d like some ‘me time’ if I may?

My request unheard, I start the chores,

washing clothes and cleaning floors.

The doorbell rings, the phone does too,

my house is busier, than a zoo.

Friends staying over, and visitors here,

I long to have a day that’s clear.

My health has suffered, from the strain,

Especially, comfort eating, weight gain.


11 thoughts on “Hectic home.

  1. I am glad to know your alright and that you have started your new job. I wish I could send you some me time, but at least you are surrounded by people who want you around, drive you crazy yes, but you matter to them, cherished it because it could be gone in the snap of a finger. ♡
    I’ve missed you!

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      1. I understand firsthand what it’s like to be bullied and it does warm my heart to see that you, as a mother, are taking action to make sure your son is safe and healthy. You are making his world so much better simply by understanding what he is going through and being there for him 🙂
        BTW, love how you updated us with a poem!

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  2. So glad to read your post, and that you’re back. I’m so sorry about your son being bullied, that is hell to go through. Hopefully starting a new school will work out much better, fingers crossed.

    Lots of love xxxx Jean

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  3. Hello….so not what I thought you were doing when you were so quiet…..hummm see can’t tell what’s in a book by its cover…LOL so sorry about your son…its hard to watch them get hurt…glad you moved him away from them…I am happy to hear our poem again….I missed them but don’t blame you for being away…you’ve been a little busy….so after while crocodile…best I could do on short notice….LOL

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